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Re:Staghorn attack

> Subject: Staghorn Algae Attack!

> I've read through the APD archives, and even done a google search
> on rec.aquaria.freshwater.plants and didn't find much useful info
> on how to get rid of it.  Any suggestions?

Well manual control has proven the best method. And prevention.
It always seems to show up when I did NH4 dosing to get GW every so often.
It also shows up when you do something like change or disturb the gravel a
whole lot and don't do a water change soon after, remove a big old sword
plant etc. By the time you see the algae and try to test for NH4, the NH4 is
long gone. I'd like to see how long it takes but I'd say 3 or more days
after the first high NH4 reading.
I've found nothing that would savor those rubbery hollow tubes so herbivores
don't do much good. Perhaps 1-2 shrimp per gallon might help, the algae
never grew in those tanks. Rosey barbs will hit it, maybe rip it off, but
not eat it. 
If you add a high fish load suddenly or too many fish in a tank=> staghorn,
maybe GW also. 

For removal:
Trim off all of it you possibly can. This is a lot of work but the stuff
will hang on for weeks, months even. If you can trim it off or pull it off
all the plants and do a good pruning this will help.
Don't worry so much about over trimming the plants, they will grow back and
without those ugly algae covered leaves.

Don't neglect the tank, allow good light and CO2 into the tank and good
current. Don't let too many cuttings etc accumulate on the surface etc for
I'd add more traces if I where you. 4-5mls 2 x a week min at those lighting
levels. The rest looks good if you add KNO3, some PO4 if the tap doesn't
have any etc.
Tom Barr

> BTW, here's the specs for my tank:
> 20x-tall, pressurize CO2 (~20ppm).  Ph 6.6, KH 3-4, Nitrates 10-5ppm,
> 3.5 wpg, 100% fluorite substrate, dosing with TMG 1x a week.  50%
> WC/week.
> Thanks,
> - -Eric