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Re: Reactor problem..and a solution:-)

> Subject: DIY CO2 Reactor Problem
> I have constructed a CO2 reactor out of a powerhead, a gravel vacuum
> tube, some 1" bioballs, and a limewood airstone. The problem is that
> after a couple hours of running so much air builds up in the reactor
> that there is a 1 - 2" air layer at the top. Is this normal, and how can
> I prevent this other than emptying the air every hour or two?
> Thanks.
> - -- 
> Jerry Baker

Simple, a "burp" tube.

Drill a hole about 4 inches(or wherever you want your max level in the
gravel vac tube to be set at) down 3/16" in size.
Add a 1 inch or so piece of 3/16" rigid tubing to the hole. As the level
decreases towards the evening or if you add too much gas etc, this will
"burp" out the extra gas.
Not much flow will go out this hole but plenty of gas can escape at whatever
level you wish. 

Another way to increase this and waste more gas is to connect the output
from this hole to the powerhead's venturi and a fine mist of bubble will
exit the bottom once it fills up to that level.
Or you can drill a burp tube plus a venturi level bubble grinder for both.

Cool thing about this design is that you can plug the powerhead into a
lighting timer, and you now have semi automatic CO2 for use only when your
plant's need the CO2.

If you use yeast, this allows you to burp off the gas when it shuts off at

Very similar to an older design I had from a number of years ago.
Tom Barr