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Re: Avoiding Dumping CO2

>>Alan,  I run pressure on 1 setup at 30psi and the other setup at
40psi,  what I do is get the needle valve set pretty close and then
use the pressure regulator to fine tune it.  I have run my pressure
anywhere from 20-50psi and have never had a problem.<<

I can tell you that the Clippard high precision needle valve that M3 and
myself sell is rated to handle up to 200 PSI. Clippard told me it can handle
as low as 2 or 3 PSI. 56 turns / inch and 3 tapered, it can provide down to
10 bubbles of CO2 / minute consistently (at 0 pressure). Thats what makes a
good needle valve, holding a steady bubblecount. Thats pretty fine control,
I don't know why anyone would ever need anything finer than that. The
pressure you use should be enough to give you the control you need but not
too much  to make fine ajustment difficult.  I found between 10 and 15 PSI
seems to be very manageable.

Robert Paul Hudson