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Re:CO2 dump etc

> I have a question.  When using a pressurized CO2 system with a needle
> valve, what is the optimal pressure at which to set the second stage?

Depends on the distance. I set mine about 18#psi. If you run more than one
needle valve off a single regulator system you'll want to increase it some.
15 is a good average but some might need 20 etc to get some distance or to
keep even flows with multiple valves etc.
This is my experience with the kegworks/M3 clippard valves.
Tom Barr 

> I have been keeping the second stage at around 10# psi, but I heard
> recently that it is better to keep the second stage setting higher and
> the needle valve more tightly closed.  I haven't let my CO2 tank go
> empty for a couple of years now so it hasn't been an issue, but I
> would rather be safe (if possible) then sorry (which I have been
> enough of with this #@?*& stuff to last me a lifetime).
> Thanks,
> Alan