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Re: Crinum flower stalk

Christopher Newell asked....

> Hello Folks,
> I have what I think is a flower spike on my Crinum
> aquatica plant.  It is a think green tube that is
> about the diameter of a wooden pencil.  At the top is
> a very light green leaf wrap that looks like it covers
> an immature flower.  Itís growing about 2 inches a day
> and will break the surface of the water in my 55
> gallon tank soon.  Does anyone have any experience
> with these?  What should I expect?  Can I rub the
> flower with a Q-tip to pollinate the seeds?
> Not too long ago, Kurt N. had a crinum calamistratum
> flower, but there wasnít much else in the archive.
> Thanks,

I've had a Crinum thaianum growing in a 180 gallon for maybe eight years
now. It produced a similar spike about three months ago. It reached nine
inches or so in height, and then stopped growing halfway to the surface.
The crinum  bulb itself is about three inches in diameter and produces a
side-bulb (plantlet) yearly. It's a big plant. About the time that the
spike first appeared, I had cleaned the gravel in the tank and had
dislodged and cut some of the roots of the plant.