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Re: CO2 Injection

Tom Wood" <tomwood2 at flash_net>
> Subject: Re: CO2 Injection

> It seems to me that you would have to be running a -lot- of bubbles
> into a
> canister filter to air-lock it with CO2. I have the 2028 filter and
> have
> never had a problem. How much CO2 are you pushing through it? Bubbles
> in
> water may make noise, but they can't damage anything, that's silly.

Well you have to consider what happens when the power goes out for a
while.  The bubble keep going in and the water is topped.  That can
creaate a big enough B-ubbl-E to prevent the impeller from gettting
enough water flow going to "burb" the filter.  If you have the 2028,
that not only moves oodles of, but more than the laws of physics
provide allow -- see prior posts re the water flow of 2026 and 2028
filters  ;-)

> If a
> temporary filter stoppage causes fish deaths then the tank is
> overstocked to
> begin with, IMO.

Depends on "temporary."  Possibly, when it's dangerous to fish, it
isn't the stopping that is damaging but the restart after a big die off
in the filter.

Scott H.

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