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Re: Fish/ Plant Mags

>>I have been a long time lister.  I recently chose to end my subscription
Aquarium Fish magazine.  It was good but not advanced enough and was split
between fresh and salt water.  As I am a freshy 50 of the mag was no good to
me. Anybody have any good recommendations for a magazine focused on aquarium
plants and fresh water tropical fish?  Thanks for your help.<<

The big three in the USA are Aquarium Fish Magazine, Tropical Fish Hobbyist,
and FAMA.  AFM seems to have lost several of their writers in the last
couple of years, and Karen's colum is the only thing in it I read anymore.
TFH used to be too generaly technical for my taste, but in recent years has
gotten much better, particularly since they published a couple of my
articles! :) FAMA it seems to me has gotten beefier and has more freshwater
stuff now. They currently have one writer, Kevin Osbourne, who writes plant
articles, but that might be improving soon...

All of these mags are split between freshwater and saltwater. There are some
mags in Europe. One in the UK I cant remember the name of... I think Neil
Frank contributes articles to it, and of course there is a big one in
Germany devoted to plants if you can read German.

The Aquatic Gardener is striving to fill the void for the aquarium plant
junkie. It is a small mag put out by the Aquatic Gardeners Association,
which many members of this list are tied

Robert Paul Hudson
AB Newsletter