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Re: Green spot algae

> It's been great to read your input about planted aquariums.  Thanks for
> your time.  I don't have problems with BGA, hair algae or beard algae in my
> tanks except the little green spot algae on the glass and some rocks here
> and there.  The plants are doing well (pottery clay balls, PMDD and yeast
> CO2) .  Is there a general condition or cause that favor these little spot
> algae to grow?  Or is it just the way of life and I should just keep
> scraping the glass every week?  It would be nice if I can tweak the tanks
> closer to optimal condition.  I appreciate any suggestion.  =)
> Thanks,
> Bill Wu

I hate this algae and it's a pain for Amano and just about any/everybody.
Green spot is a common issue with Anbuias but this can be overcome with good
plant health alone. Fast growing Anubias don't get it except on very old
leaves which are pruned off.

Slower growing and lower lighting tanks also don't get it as much if at all.
I'm convinced there is a good critter that will eat this algae but not
plants. I know of algae eaters that eat it, but also eat the plant.

Some folks have had less issues when adding more traces and PO4. Some folks
seem to get it worse. NO3 and fish load are the big issues for that balance
it seems. 
Nothing for sure really. Cleaning every two weeks works well, or non CO2 or
low light CO2 tanks can get away from it's wrath.

Tom Barr