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Re: Arg...What is this stuff


I use a "trombone snake", which is a brush meant for cleaning the inside of 
trombones, and it is a pain in the neck too. It gets stuck in the little 
joints, and then I have to pull really hard to get it out, and then when it 
fianlly releases it comes out really fast and showers me with brownish gunk. 
Yuck! I don't mind the look of the dirty tubes so much, but it actually 
builds up to the point where it seems to reduce the efficiency of my m3 
mixer, and the CO2 levels drop. Cleaning out the m3 mixer is a major hassle, 
and last time I did it I couldn't get the lid on right, so water sprayed out 


Date: Tue, 21 May 2002 02:21:13 -0600
From: JoAnn VanDersarl <jmarella at attbi_com>
Subject: Re: Arg...What is this stuff

 >Any guesses on what is brown & coats the insides of my eheim tubes & m3
 >mixer? it grows in dark & light. It makes me crazy.

It makes me crazy too, Rachel. I think it's just brown algae sludge
and a mixture of other grunge that seems to thrive in the tubing. I
haven't found a way yet to eliminate it, but I think it's normal. If
you prefer black over brown, just neglect cleaning the tubing for a
long time and you'll see another color;) Sorry I couldn't offer any
real help.

The cleaning brush that I have is a pain in the neck and doesn't work
that well. I heard that there is one made for musical instruments
that might be better and easier to use for this problem, but my local
music store doesn't have one. That's the next thing I'm going to try.


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