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diatome filter - purchasing

I've had a sudden outbreak of green water.  (This topic certainly has been
covered a lot lately!)  I'm currently working on finding the imbalance in my
system that caused the green water problem, but in the interim I'd like to
get rid of the green water so I can actually see my plants and see how they
are doing.  Since the green water started last week, it looks like my
cabomba is starting to shed drastically, but it's hard to see it all with
the green cloudiness in the way.  (But I have started noticing a lot of
cabomba needles clogging my filter intake the last couple of days, and the
cabomba that I can see is starting to look pretty thin.)  Could it be that
the thick green water is blocking a lot of the light from getting to the
plants, and thus exacerbating the problem?

Unfortunately there are no local shops that rent diatome filters, so it
seems I must buy one myself.  Can someone recommend a good online shop to
purchase from?  On that note, can someone recommend which one to get, as I
know very little of which brands are good or bad.

Regarding diatome filters, are they some sort of complete and special
device?  Or are they basically just power filters with diatomaceous filter
media in them?  I'm just wondering what I should be looking for when
purchasing this.  Can I simply get a low-cost power filter along with the
proper filter media to insert in it, or do I need to specifically get a
diatome filter?  Any examples you can give me so I know what I'm looking

I normally would be okay with just correcting the imbalance in my system
(whatever it is) and letting the green water clear up naturally, but I'm
concerned since the cabomba is shedding like crazy.  Which water tests could
you all recommend to help find the imbalance?  I've got the basic tests for
testing water quality, but nothing to really test for nutrients and such.