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Re: CO2 Injection

I have used Eheim Cannisters for CO2 injection for at least 2 years and have 
never had a problem. The best Eheim model for this purpose, IME, is the 
Classic Series (2213, 2215, 2217). I have a 2028 Pro  II and it works okay, 
but the basket setup allows too much gas to bypass the media, between the 
outer edges of the baskets and the cannister itself, I'd guess. The media in 
the classic series (I use 2217s) acts like a big plug, with direct contact 
between the media and the cannister walls. I think this keeps much more of 
the gas at the bottom of the filter for a longer period, allowing more CO2 to 
dissolve with much less bypass.

I get the occaisional burp from the filter, but it doesn't bother me.


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