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Gitte said, in part:

> Since BGA is a bacteria, not an algae, that's why it definitely does
> respond to antibiotics (no voodoo here).  As I understand it,
> bacteria
> reproduce via the cell's DNA and RNA, not spores.  If I didn't kill
> all
> of the BGA, or if I reintroduce it from another source, then it is
> possible it will take hold again.  So far, so good...

Actualy, I believe it is cyanobacteria.  And you would be lucky to kill
off 100% with 1/2 doeses of erythromycin.  Even luckier to never have
it reintroduced.  Some BGA is med resistant -- perhaps a little in
nearly every batch.

It is easier to tame (good water & tank conditions) than to to
kill(literally eliminate).

Scott H.

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