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Re: Hemostats, Tweezers and Does Size Matter

Thomas Barr suggested the following as useful tools:
<>  I like nice huge tweezers. If I could fine a 24" inch pair, then
> be
> happy.
> Tools that I have found useful:
> A plastic paint scraper
> A lg sharp pair of scissors(8-10 inch)
> A sm sharp pair of scissors(3-4 inch)
> A big pair of tweezers (12" or larger)
> Turkey baster
> Nets various sized fine mesh
> Algae scrub pad
> Gravel vac
> Long grabber tongs if you have a 30-36 inch deep tank and long
> scrubber pads
> etc.
> Not much else.

Hey, you listed my tool kit (not counting the stuff retired to the
basement equipment boneyard).  

It's those longer than 12" tweezers that are a hard find.  People that
work with snakes use 18" and 24" hemostats, so those sites have them
listed much more often than other tool or hobby sites.  12" tweezers
aren't too hard to find for anywhere from a couple of bucks to over $20
or more.  But longer ones, hmmmm.  Well, the longer stuff starts to get
unwieldy anyhow  ;-)

Scott H.

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