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Better than Amano's Shrimp

Today, one of the NANFA people brought this little item to my attention. 
There are some species of crabs and shrimp that out perform Amano shrimp for 
totalling algae and scavenging leftovers from the aquarium bottom. The 
shrimp are able to change sex so sexing them are not difficult. Just buy a 
bunch and they will adjust to give you the right sex ratio. They are small 
sturdy and inoffensive and don't damage plants or eat fry. The crabs are 
similar to the shrimp, minus the sex change ability but having the advantage 
that they carry their young till they are big enough to fend for themselves 
as exact minatures of the adults.Go to this website and check it out. You 
Kiwis and Ozzies contact me about selling me a couple hundred of these naps.


Edward Venn,
SMG Holdings Co., Ltd.,
Deux Chateaux Blanc 2-303,
1356 Kobuchi, Kasukabe,
Saitama, Japan

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