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Re: CO2 Injection

Don wrote:

"Not only do the filters make noise, but they can air lock if you are
a higher bubble count.  I was running a CO2 line into my Eheim 2228, not
did it make a lot of noise that I would think could damage the internals of
the filter, but ultimately I had 2 incidents where the filter quit running.
Lots of dead fish.  I would get a reactor if I were to do it again."

It seems to me that you would have to be running a -lot- of bubbles into a
canister filter to air-lock it with CO2. I have the 2028 filter and have
never had a problem. How much CO2 are you pushing through it? Bubbles in
water may make noise, but they can't damage anything, that's silly. If a
temporary filter stoppage causes fish deaths then the tank is overstocked to
begin with, IMO.