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External CO2 Reactor

A couple of weeks/months ago I was asking the list
for suggestions on this issue.

Besides the very interesting "Mixer J" from
Marine Monster, unfortunately no longer available,
the aqua - medic reactor and of course "good old Tom's"
external CO2 reactor :-), there is not much available :-(

I finally got mine last week and will have it set up
over the long upcoming weekend.
It's a kind of overkill, I know, but I like gadgets !


For a 50 g tank, if Tom can't doe a "special customer" order,
you should check out DIY plans for Calcium Reactors over
at the Saltwater Division.
If you are a bit handy, you can make your own for a couple of bucks!


....and to complete the circle...

you can get a "Wooden Air stone' for -.89 put it in your tank,
check your KH/GH/CO2 relationship and you're in business .