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Re: persistent algae

Roxanne wrote:

My goal is no visible algae and the tank has been set up since Nov 2001
and still no success.  I have tried the method of feeding the plants so
they grow so well they outcompete the algae and that resulted in two
things: GW (mild) and hair algae (heavy).  Not good.  I cut back on
fertilizing everything but traces and the greens receded.  The black
brush algae infesting the wood is the current winner and it's really
ugly in my opinion.  I've never had this, in over 10 years of planted
aquarium keeping.


I know how you feel. I am having similar problems in one of my tanks. I
atribute it to the soil substrate I have in there. Never had BBA before
and I hope to never see it again if I ever get rid of it.

I have no idea what the solution is but I can tell you that you have a
lot of light there. One of the things I like to do is to try and
estimate the light output of various lighting setups. Two 96 watt lamps
over a 40 gallon tank is way at the top end of the scale of all the
setups I have seen described. Just as an example, this would be the
equivilent of about 10 3' fluorescent lamps. Now of course you cannot
put 10 T12 lamps over a 40 gallon tank as there is not enough room but
maybe it will give you some idea of what you are up against. In fact, no
amount of T12 fluorescents could possibly provide 1/2 the light you
currently have in the space provided. Why the need for so much light?
Wouldn't it just be easier to turn one of the lamps off for at least
part of the light period? Is this the amount of light you normally use
or is this something new? If your only goal is to have no visable algae
it has got to be easier to do with less light.