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> Subject: Speaking of Hemostats

I recall Jeff Kropp had a pair that looked like scissors but with fat flat
tips and that where straight. These seemed better than most of the hemo's
I've seen. I don't see these around though. I might spring for a pair of
those perhaps.
 I like nice huge tweezers. If I could fine a 24" inch pair, then I'd be
A nice large pair and a nice small pair of scissors is really all I see a
need for. All these special tools are not that useful from what I can tell
or have found. Don't care for those heavy unwieldy clamps, scissors etc.

Tools that I have found useful:

A plastic paint scraper
A lg sharp pair of scissors(8-10 inch)
A sm sharp pair of scissors(3-4 inch)
A big pair of tweezers (12" or larger)
Turkey baster
Nets various sized fine mesh
Algae scrub pad
Gravel vac
Long grabber tongs if you have a 30-36 inch deep tank and long scrubber pads

Not much else.
Tom Barr