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Re: Profile

I would just like to point out one more weird thing. I added a tsp. of
baking soda to bring the GH up to 4 to bring the pH into the range of my
test kit. I am injecting CO2  but it appears to be having zero effect on
the pH. I tried to measure the CO2 by comparing an unaereated water
sample with an aereated one. It appears that there is actually less than
ambient levels of CO2 in the water because the aereated sample of water
has a much lower pH than the unaereated sample. The pH of the unaereated
sample is over 7.4 and the pH of the aereated sample is about 6.8. The
reverse of what happens normally. I did this 3 times and got the same
result. I did this on my other tanks and the results are reversed.  I am
now truly at a complete loss for an explaination. I really need some
help here. The water in the tank was perfectly normal for 10 days before
I started injecting CO2 and planting plants. Where is the CO2 going and
where is the carbonate going? Surely the few seashells I put in this 20
gallon tank would not consume so much CO2 that the CO2 levels would be
below ambient levels. Is the calcium disappearing as well? I might have
to break down and buy a GH test kit to find out. Is my pH test kit being
interfered with by some chemical in the Profile? The plants have started
to grow a bit so whatever it is it's not killing the plants.

Dazed and confused in Canada