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Re: The Perfect LFS

Edward wrote:

Let's add to that list of what makes a good LFS.
Staff that are willing to help you no matter how busy they may be and a
that will stock the publications you want to buy most. I've found that
best LFS' in Tokyo have close connections to fish clubs and often become
involved in supporting the clubs. Very often they sponsor events at the
such as a tank decoration seminar or care and disease diagnosis seminar.
These are great ways to get publicity and give back to the hobby. BTW
you ever see an online shop get 100 or 200 hoobyists over to decorate
show tanks and participate in an auction.


You guys don't want much do you? I would be ecstatic if any LFS employee
could actually identify an SAE. It would be heaven if they actually
stocked any useful algae eaters aside from Ottos.

Around here if you had to depend on the collective knowledge of LFS
empolyess you had to buy all your equipment and plants and fish from
LFS' you would spend thousands of dollars for one tank and never
succeed. Thank God for the internet.