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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V5 #100

Hello Dave/Robert,
By your descriptions and some pictures I got from the web, my glosso was
definitely G. eletinoides.  It did grow at 30C.  They were growing fast...
in fact too fast from me.  I also found that glosso don't fit into the
looks of my tank.  I finally took them out and replace with hairgrass.

Could it have been that they have mutated or adapted to the high
temperature of the tropics??

BC (Singapore where temperature is 34C and humidity 60~95%)

|The leaves on Glossostigma diandrum are no more than 2 mm wide.
|Glossostighma elatinoides is the most common in the aquarium trade
|and it has much wider leaves.
|Dave Wilson
|>The larger size is because it is most likely greenhouse grown emersed. In
|>your aquarium the leaves lose body mass, shrinking down to a smaller size
|>Robert Paul Hudson