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Re: CO2 Injection

> It has to be the least costly injection device, if you are already
> running the filter, there's is nothing else to buy. Despite its
> relatively high efficiency, some folks don't like the noise when the
> bubbles hit the impeller.

Not only do the filters make noise, but they can air lock if you are
a higher bubble count.  I was running a CO2 line into my Eheim 2228, not
did it make a lot of noise that I would think could damage the internals
the filter, but ultimately I had 2 incidents where the filter quit
Lots of dead fish.  I would get a reactor if I were to do it again.


I have had airlocks too. They happened during power failures and were
caused by the pump impellor chamber becoming pressurized with CO2. It is
easy to prevent by just making sure that if the pump isn't running the
CO2 has someplace to go besides the impellor chamber. If the pump intake
is lower than the impellor it might be necessary to drill a tiny vent in
the intake line to relieve the gas pressure when the pump isn't running.
This is true for a reverse flow difuser driven by a power head as well
or if you are running an in-line reactor. Any time CO2 backs up into the
impellor chamber it is not good.