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Re: Altering Eheim Diffusers

Madan Subramanian suggested:

> . . .can you not add a small gasket that seats on the sintered
> glass/ceramic disc which is then screwed tight by the plastic
> whatever cover
> to prevent leakage. I know Eheim diffusers don't have a gasket on top
> of the
> diffuser disc a la Dupla. It should not be difficult for you to
> source one
> and leave the incorporation to your customers.

This might work, but I think it might have the dilemma of either gas
leaks between the gasket and the disk or else cracked disks.  Eheim
designed it so that the disk is a little thinner than the rubber ring
that surrounds its edge.  When you tighten the the casing together, the
disk is not squeezed but the rubber ring is squeezed, pushing it
laterally toward its outer and inner diameters.  That squeexing of the
ring not only avoid excess pressure between the casing and the disk, it
should put lateral pressure evenly on the disk (where the rubber ring
meets it) to help seal between the disk and washer.  A key thing is
that little pressure is exerted between the case halves and the disk
itself.  I hazard to guess that the prevents cracking the disk.  This
is an admirably economical design that addresses the dilemma -- a real
Volkwagon Beetle of a device!

So a top gasket might defeat the benefits of the fundamentals of the
Eheim design.  

Scott H.

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