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Re: Cleaning Eheim diffusors

Dave Gomberg said, in response to my comment that Eheim diffusers need
to be cleaned often:
> I haven't cleaned my Eheim in four years (take it back, I have
> cleaned it 
> twice).  Once for algae and once for CaCO3.  Once with bleach and
> once with 
> muriatic acid.   They are VERY low maintenance in most applications. 
> If it 
> doesn't work easily for you (low maintenance), use something else.

I don't doubt that any of this is so -- and in fact I do use something
else; I put my Eheims into the aquatic equipment boneyard and switched
to reactors for just that reasons that have been discussed.  

Some folks find the Eheims finicky and high maintenance.  Perhaps that
need to clean the Eheim often happens only in tanks where the algae
growth isn't minimized.  Of course, in that kind of situation, the last
thing I'd want is one more high maintenance item.  Now maybe most
applications, most tanks can't grow much algae -- certainly we all hope
to have tanks like that -- Tom's excentricities notwithstanding ;-).
I'm not familiar with as many tanks as Dave must be, so I will defer. 
But I defer with tremendous doubts.

OTOH, the Eheims are small and so easy to hide from view, relatively
inexpensive (but check local & on-line prices), quiet, and kind of
pretty when they are fogging that incredibly fine smoke-like mist of
CO2 into your tank, some of which makes it all the way to the surface.

Don't mistake me to suggest that Eheim diffusers cannot be prudent
choices.  I would no more rule out of hand the diffuser than any of
several other methods.  Each has its merits and demerits.  But I agree
with Dave that they are not for everyone.

A good external reactor, which needn't cost more than a good diffuser,
can easily get you 100% absorbtion.  If your tank doesn't shed CO2 too
quickly, it matters less whether your injecter is giving you 100%

If you're running a sump, you can use internal devices without paying
the aesthetic price of in-tank reactors.

Bubbling into a powerhead or canister intake works pretty good for many
folks, too.  Not very unsightly; pretty efficient; a little noisy.

Scott H.

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