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Re:Bubble count

Hey Gang,

Chuck Gadd wrote:
>>The bubble rates won't match up, but that doesn't
matter.  There is no "official" bubble size.  But if
you have the eheim, and you count 2 bubbles
per second, and you want more, you can go up to 3
bubbles per second.  So the bubble counter is
obviously working fine!

I frequently see people on the newsgroups asking "how
many bubbles
per second do I need for 15ppm CO2?"  but it's
impossible to
give an answer.   Bubbles are not a valid measure of
CO2 levels.<<

I think this misconception is largely due to Amano's
books. One of the ways he gives his CO2 levels is a
"bubble count", but he also (in Bk3 anyway) gives the
size diffuser he is using from *his* line of
equipment. The ADA CO2 equipment is beautiful, BTW. It
is quite expensive, though. Any word on a North
America distributor? 

Amano also gives KH and pH, and many times the ppm
concentration of CO2 as well. These are better ways to
try and emulate his tank conditions.

Do any other authors describe CO2 content this way?

John Wheeler 

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