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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V5 #101

Aquatic Plants Digest wrote:
> I may be mistaken Scott, but I don't believe he said he had a tank dump, he
> said he turned the co2 up too high because initialy nothing was coming out,
> and he left it at that level before going to bed. There does seem to be a
> delay turning on the CO2, its an easy mistake to make.

I remeber that Dave has some instructions, which mention turning the
CO2 output pressure up very high initially, to allow the check-valve
to open.   Then, once the check valve opens, the pressure should be
set to the correct level.

> can be considered a true and accurate bubblecounter. I challenge anyone who
> has one to count the number of bubbles...and then hook up a real inline
> bubble counter at the same pressure and see if these two so called
> bubblecounters match up.

The bubble rates won't match up, but that doesn't matter.  There is no
"official" bubble size.  But if you have the eheim, and you count 2 bubbles
per second, and you want more, you can go up to 3 bubbles per second.  So
the bubble counter is obviously working fine!

I frequently see people on the newsgroups asking "how many bubbles
per second do I need for 15ppm CO2?"  but it's impossible to
give an answer.   Bubbles are not a valid measure of CO2 levels.

Chuck Gadd