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Re:CO23 diffuser warning

David, sorry you lost your fish.
Don't necessarily rule out use of Eheim diffuser
IMO, they do a good job of diffusing, particularly on large tanks.  Remove
the check valve that comes with it, install a regular check valve and a good
quality needle valve. That will let you  easily adjust and control the rate
and should have  no problems with excessive flow. I have been using Eheim
diffusers with this method for months on some 20+ tanks with no failures or
re glass disk coming out. If unit is correctly put together is no chance of
that unless perhaps one smashed the glass disk.

on 5/18/02 12:48 AM, Aquatic Plants Digest at
Aquatic-Plants-Owner at actwin_com wrote:

> From: "Gregory Gooden (Annex)" <ggooden at exc1_annex.com>
> Subject: RE: CO2 Diffuser Warning
> David, I just wanted to write and express my condolences. I know how
> totally freaked and despondent I would be in the very same circumstance.
> :(
> Thank you for sharing the warning. I'm about to buy one of those cause I
> can't seem to get enough CO2 into my 135gallon Discus tank (Reactors
> aren't doing the job).
> Your having shared your experience may help prevent similar agony to
> others. I thank you for that.
> Gregory