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Re: RE: CO2 Diffuser Warning

Gregory Gooden said, in part:

> Thank you for sharing the warning. I'm about to buy one of those
> cause I
> can't seem to get enough CO2 into my 135gallon Discus tank (Reactors
> aren't doing the job). 

I'll bet that, if you can't get adequately high CO2 levels in your
tank, it's not so much a problem of getting CO2 in as keeping it in
long enough.  I don't know what reactor your are using, but even a
gravel-siphon tube hooked up to a filter outflow and a CO2 tube stuckin
from the bottom will provide close to 100% absorbtion of CO2.  I don't
think you will get that with a diffuser.  And if the reactor isn't
working now -- because, for example the water flow is so strong it's
blowing the bubbles out before enough CO2 is absorbed -- then a
duffuser probably won't improve things.

I'm not saying diffusers aren't reasonable alternatives to other
devices, but they work best where air-water turbulence (some biowheels
- some overflows - some pump outlets, etc.) and "off-gassing" of CO2
isn't a problem -- where you aren't fighting against a high CO2 loss
rate -- and where you can keep them out of the light, to minimize the
need to clean the diffusion disk.  Keeping the disk clean is critical
to efficient operation --> deffusing be fussing.

Just my experience,
Scott H.

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