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Re: Eheim Diffusers

Hey Gang,

These pressurized CO2 horror stories can't be good for
those sitting on the fence about moving up from
DIY...hehe. They're no less safe than filters or
heaters...or even lights for that matter. Just follow
the directions.

My first pressurized CO2 setup resulted in many
dollars worth of dead fish, because I was careless,
and cheap.....and some of the pieces were deffective
(basically broken), but never mind that.

The Eheim glass disk is friction fitted to a rubber
ring, but the plastic "top" that screws on just covers
the edges of the disk....it shouldn't allow it to come
loose, or it's deffective. I never found the diffusers
to be really any good, anyway. Anyone find a good way
to de-gunk those things?

The regulator-> check valve-> diffuser setup is unsafe
for use with fish. Add a needle valve, and eliminate
the check valve, and you're set to go. Totally safe
and really much better control anyway. Dave Gomberg
sells a really good needle valve for about $30(US)
last time I checked.

The outfit I bought my system from was extremely
accomodating, and replaced all the bad parts, and
*gave* me a needle valve when I related my problems. I
know now that I should've bought a needle valve and
saved *alot* of grief right from the git-go.

Moral of the story: get the needle valve if it's

John Wheeler

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