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Re: All my fish are dead.

Robert wrote:

After messing around with the Ehiem diffusor and Daves system for a year
a half, (before he added a needle valve) I had simular probelms, and
it very difficult to get an even and steady amount of CO2 coming out of
diffusor. It was extremely irregular, the disk needed constant cleaning
prevent large bubbles from forming instead of the fine mist, and streams
bubbles were always coming out from the edges of the disk, and other
It was extremely hard to regulate a bubble count... turn the CO2 up a
and I would get niagra falls coming out of the diffusor, turn it down a
notch and I would barely get anything. Perhaps the addition of a needle
valve has improved it somewhat, but I will NEVER again use any sort of
diffusor as opposed to a reactor which mixes the CO2 with water. To me
its a
no brainer. Reactors, (which are clearly defined) are far far far more
efficient and more stable.


I can't believe all the trouble that people go through to get CO2
difused into their tanks when all you have to do is stick the CO2 line
into a pump intake. This even works with a power filter though not as
well as a dedicated reactor. It's just as good as a ceramic difuser
though. If the return lines from the pump are large enough and shaped in
such a way that they will trap any undisolved gas then this method is as
good as anything else.