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RE: CO2 Diffuser Warning

David, I just wanted to write and express my condolences. I know how
totally freaked and despondent I would be in the very same circumstance.

Thank you for sharing the warning. I'm about to buy one of those cause I
can't seem to get enough CO2 into my 135gallon Discus tank (Reactors
aren't doing the job). 

Your having shared your experience may help prevent similar agony to
others. I thank you for that.


> Date: Fri, 17 May 2002 14:01:41 EDT
> From: MrTorts at aol_com
> Subject: All my fish are dead.  Ceramic CO2 diffuser warning.
>      All my fish are dead.  About 60 tetras, SAEs, ottos, 
> Corys, AFFs, et al. 
> were all found floating in my 100 gal. planted tank in my office this 
> morning.  Cause of death: asphyxiation due to CO2 overdose, a 
> result of 
> misuse of a new ceramic diffuser.
>      My CO2 reactor wasn't working properly.  After playing 
> with it for a 
> couple weeks, I bought a ceramic diffuser.  I had no 
> experience with one.  
> The CO2 did not flow through freely.  I adjusted the CO2 
> pressure to a high 
> level to get any CO2 through.  I left for the night.  
>      Apparently, after a number of hours of use, the gas does 
> flow freely.  
> Very freely.  When I arrived this morning, it was bubbling 
> like a Jacuzzi.  
>      The Ph was off the low end of the charts.  Given my Kh 
> of 8, this told 
> me I also had super low oxygen.  Even the snails are dead.
>      I hope this saves someone from a similar disaster.  Be 
> careful with a 
> new ceramic CO2 diffuser.
> David S. Brown            

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