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Re: All my fish are dead. Ceramic CO2 diffuser warning

David S. Brown said his new CO2 ceramic diffuser started bubbling
slowly them let his CO2 tank dump.

I have heard (from a reliable source but not experienced myself) that
Eheim diffusers sometimes having a problem where the ceramic disk pops
out.  The disk is a friction fit inside a rubber ring.  I suppose that,
with a new one, you would want to open the diffuser and feel the disk
placement to ensure that it is held well in place.

Or maybe it's really an extremely rare thing.  Dave Gomberg is probably
more knowledgable than anyone on these devices and perhaps he can set
us straight on the proper installation and use of these injectors.  I'd
ask Eheim but I'm still miffed that they won't admit that 2028 doesn't
really pump more water than the 2026  harrrrruuuumphhh.

Currently reacting all his CO2 externally,
Scott H.

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