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Re: What to look for in a LFS

I certainly understand that people want to save money,
but unless you want to order all your plants and fish
mail order too, you really should support the LFS.
They do not make much of their money on stock and I
don't know any rich shop owners. Prices are high
because they have to be. To say they are trying to
take advantage of people is grossly unfair. THey are
trying to make a living.

I agree totally. I've seen some very high prices on
major equipment as 
were saying. These items are there for newcomers that
don't know any 
and they want to set up thier first tank- you have to
stock these even 
I agree you or myself would never buy them. Now on the
other hand, if 
just ripped your bag on your diatom, ran out of
amquel, or decided you 
to upgrade your water change system with a holding
tank, pump and a 
and your lfs doesn't have the stock are you going to
order from them or 
online store? Me personally would order from my
favorite online store 
I can get it a lot cheaper. Now if the lfs had it in
stock I would buy 
from them because I like supporting my lfs, but I[m
not going to wait 
for an 
item to come in from them that I can get quicker and
cheaper myself. I 
it comes down to the old saying if you don't have it,
you can't sell 

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