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Re: limpets in my tank??!

>>Obviously Robert or Toyin is my fairy godperson, because these "snails"
are too small for Sparky to notice, or at least to count as food.
And the mini-limpets are making headway against the diatoms (golden-
browns) and many of the greens. <<

Limpets? Only critters I have in any of my tanks are pond snails and MTS
snails, and my Kribensis keep them to a minimum.  In the hot summer when the
windows and doors are open I occasionaly get all sorts of wierd insect
larvae in my open tanks. Some of them have been REALLY bazzare looking. But
they don't last long...either get eaten or simply die off in a few days. I
think Toyin keeps some of his plants outdoors.

Robert Paul Hudson