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Re: NO3 testing

Jeff Vamos  writes <<Just used the test solution with my lamotte kit. I was 
amazed how acurate the kit is. I have a question though- my plants do a lot 
better when the range is between the 4-6 on the lamotte which would be 
17-26 no3. Can this be because of a low fish load? would low NH4 make you 
need a higher range of n03 than the recomended 5-10? >>

Our target of about 5-15 ppm nitrate is a compromise. For the fish, 
ideally, we'd like it zero, even though nitrate is well-tollerated at lower 
levels and not as toxic as nitrite or ammonia. Most plant species would 
like it higher -- perhaps around 25-50 ppm (?)  I think you just need to 
experiment in this range and see what works best. With our discus I have to 
do water changes 2x/week to keep the nitrates at 25 ppm -- the plants love it.


Jared Weinberger