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Re: cooling down your water

> "You will have to top off for loss due to evap (I loose about 1
> gallon/day), but you can automate that with a pump and a float
> switch,
> especially if you have room underneath your tank to store the
> equipment.

Just thinking out loud: This might or might not be more complicated
than float switches & sumps that run as part of your aquarium's water
system.  You can cool a "tray" of water through which you run a tube
that carries the aquarium water.  The aquarium water can be cooled
without excelerated evaporation.  Any evaporation occurs in the cooling
tray water instead of hte aquarium or sump water.  The cooling tray
water can be replenished once day or once a month, etc. depending on
it's depth.  You wouldn't need valves or precise flows to maintain tank
water levels.  You could even have glass covers on your aquarium to
minimize evaporation of the aquarium water.

Scott H.

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