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Re: carpet/undercover plants...

Glossostigma elatinoides is found in the southern areas of Australia 
(Temperate climate) and not in the tropics.  It is also found in New 
Zealand (temperate climate).    Here (Darwin) in the tropics of 
Australia it does not do well during the warmer part of the year (33 
deg C average) but grows very well during the dry season (25 deg C 
average).      Glossodtigma diandrum a species with smaller leaves is 
tropical and is found across the top of Australia.    I think 83 to 
85 is a little too hot for G. elatinoides.   G.diandrum likes more 
light than G.elatinoides.   In Australian botany books they are 
referred to as "Mud Matt".

Dave Wilson

Daphne Freeman:
"I am not sure what the perfect temp for glosso is but I am currently
growing it between 83-85 degrees.  I can grow it in my high 
light/high tech tank
but not my low light/low tech.  Just assumed high light was the key to