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balls of algae?

Hello all, I've seen quite a few types of algae over the years, either
online in pictures, or in my own tanks.  The one I have showing up right
now I'm afraid I haven't seen before and would like to see if people know
what conditions lead to it and what can be done about it.  It isn't bad
yet, but it does seem to be slowly spreading.

Anyhow, the algae is growing as small balls of a jelly like substance
on my plant leaves.  Originally I thought they may be some type of eggs,
but if left alone these balls just grow larger and larger.  It is a super
green color and feels like jelly.  If I firmly slide my fingers along the
leaf it is stuck to, it literally just *pops* off and drifts in the water
as a ball.  It primarly attaches to the edges of leaves.  I have mostly
noticed it on my ozelot sword that seems to be devoting all of its energy
to growing baby plants (up to 6 nodes so far, most with leaves now).

Thanks as always. :)

Robert Chady
Chippewa Falls, WI