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Mystery Aponogeton

I recently got and planted a bunch of Apon. bulbs. Most were standard 
Apons (crispus, ulvaceus, etc.), but one bulb did not look like a furry 
little egg, but rather looked like a hunk of tuber. The plant that came 
out of it quickly sprouted a lot of little leaves shaped like capital 
Ys, the leaves quickly grew to about six inches long on fairly short 
stalks.   Some of the leaves have not grown much and are still little 
Ys.  The grown leaves do not have the typical Apon. leaf shape, but look 
more like a Tiger Lotus, sort of (pardon the analogy) shaped like a Star 
Trek emblem.  The first ten or so leaves stayed submersed with fairly 
short stalks, and were light green and a little bit ruffled. The last 
few stalks have gone up to the surface where the leaves float, are 
smooth, red-tinted, and are smaller. It is a really nice plant, but I 
have no idea what it is. Anyone have any idea what species this is?