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Re: Re: what to look for in a petshop

One thing I have noticed in my area is that there are
no shops that fit most of the descriptions I see on
here. In fact, I doubt there is a single store in the
area that has even seen CO2 injection (well just one
and they always sell terrarium plants as aquatic
plants <boggle>). There is a single shop that is nice,
clean and well informed but they are sadly remiss on
plants. I know the owner and it will never change
because "there is no money in plants". Yes, I know she
is wrong, but that is the consensus view here. If they
cannot drop it into a tank with the original strip
light on it and expect it to grow, then it won't sell.
Sadly, as long as they continue to sell the
non-aquatic plants, they will never have a chance to
see profit from that area. Perhaps a more harsh truth
is that there is indeed less money in plants than thee
is in other things that the space could be used for.
The vast majority of customers (and I mean vast like
over 95%), are of the mind-set I mentioned above, drop
it in hope it survives. It could possibly change if
the store tried to educate its clientelle, but then
what store can afford to stay open if it gives a
seminar to every customer? I settle for the stores
that will order what I want and offer good prices.
None will achievethe lofty goals I see in this thread
(at least not here). Oh, and I like to look for shops
where they do not sue customers as a rule.

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