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Re: Profile

David wrote:


So, it is a real effect. The Profile must be exchanging hydrogen atoms
for the calcium and magnesium ions resulting in the production of
carbonic acid. Today I checked the pH of the aquarium and found it to
have fallen once again to 5.0. Obviously the acid production takes place
much faster than the dissolution of the carbonates. I did notice that
the initial addition of water to the Profile resulted in a hissing sound
similar to the sound made when acid is added to limestone. In time, it
should create a much more stable water column for people living in soft
water areas. James Foley says that his tap and tank waters have
identical pH values of 7.6 at a low hardness. This would indicate to me
that Profile does have a buffering effect once an equilibrium is
reached. I'm glad I didn't add KCl or K2SO4.

I reply:

This effect is not occurring in my tank though. Either Profile is not
consistant in composition or it is something else. I didn't wash the
Profile at all either. I wonder if any CO2 really is being released in
your tank? You could check this by aereating a water sample from your
tank before testing the pH. If it is higher than your tank water then
maybe that proves your theory.