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Re: ideal LFS for planted aquaria

Recently, I have discover one LFS here in Singapore that is run by a
planted aquaria enthusiast.  This guy is really passionate about aquatic

His shop did not carry a wide variety of plants but good enough for me...
enchindoras, crytocoryne, hygrophila, lobelia, ... ... What appeals is his
passion.  He has about 6 tanks... all well kept.  He cultivate some of the
plants to sell in his aquaria.

I always remember my first visit to his shop when I started this hobby.  I
asked about how to trim some of the plants.  Instead of just explaining, he
brought me to his tanks and showed it by trimming his plants before me.  I
asked "how about this... how about that?" he showed it to me one by one.  I
did not plan to buy anything that day when I stepped in.  But his
enthusiasm made me try to buy something from him... I ended buying a few
test kits from him.

Absolutely fantastic!

BC (Singapore)