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Re: carpet/undercover plants...

Daphne Freeman:
"I am not sure what the perfect temp for glosso is but I am currently
it between 83-85 degrees.  I can grow it in my high light/high tech tank
not my low light/low tech.  Just assumed high light was the key to

I am living in Singapore.  My tank temperature is constantly at 29 to 31
deg C (84 to 88 deg F) day & night due to the weather and the lightings.  I
have grown glosso too without problem.  Yep light seemed to be an important

I have used fans to cool my tank down by about 2 degC.  I guess the
humidity here is too high to cool further.  I have given up using the fans
due to the noise they make.  Anyway, most of my plant seemed to survive at
the temperature I have.

I think I am quite blessed here in Singapore.  Many aquatic plants are
available here.  We have a few farms for aquatic plants.  The best of all,
no LFS is more than a 45min-drive. :-)

BC (Singapore where it is warm & humid 24/7)