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Re: Profile

> Wayne and David,
> I measured this effect sometime ago when I setup my
> tank with Profile.  The fluctuation of pH was
> dependent on the amount of washes that were conducted
> on the Profile.  The more I washed the Profile prior
> to using it, the more stable the pH would be.  If I
> only washed it a few times, the pH would decline.
> With water changes and time your pH should stabilize
> at that of your tap water.
> Lobos


So, it is a real effect. The Profile must be exchanging hydrogen atoms
for the calcium and magnesium ions resulting in the production of
carbonic acid. Today I checked the pH of the aquarium and found it to
have fallen once again to 5.0. Obviously the acid production takes place
much faster than the dissolution of the carbonates. I did notice that
the initial addition of water to the Profile resulted in a hissing sound
similar to the sound made when acid is added to limestone. In time, it
should create a much more stable water column for people living in soft
water areas. James Foley says that his tap and tank waters have
identical pH values of 7.6 at a low hardness. This would indicate to me
that Profile does have a buffering effect once an equilibrium is
reached. I'm glad I didn't add KCl or K2SO4.

The trick might be to soak the Profile in a mix containing potassium,
calcium and magnesium salts and then rinse off the acids prior to
setting up the tank.

I wonder if the plants are finished? I can't afford to lose them.

Lobos, how do you like the Profile?