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Re: LFS?'s and Foreground stuff

Hey gang,

Two ?'s to deal with here:

1st. Foreground in a high temp tank. Glossostigma and
other low growing greenery have done fine for me at
high temps...82 F and above due to PC lighting. Up to
89 F.

As far as what to look for in a LFS:

Clean/clear water and livestock with healthy
dispositions. Ie: animals that behave similarly as in
our tanks. The color won't be the same, but the
shoaling fish should be active, and the predatory fish
should be eating and so forth.

Plants are secondary. Good plants are hard to come by
in this neck of the woods. Mail order is best, but
LFS's that *try* are a good indicator of quality and I
imagine that would be the rule for a good LFS. You can
tell by listening....Intelligent words are the best
indicator, and intelligent people know intelligent
words....at least well meaning words. Just listen to
what the sales people have to say.

Hope this helps.

John Wheeler

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