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carpet/undercover plants...

I am not sure what the perfect temp for glosso is but I am currently growing
it between 83-85 degrees.  I can grow it in my high light/high tech tank but
not my low light/low tech.  Just assumed high light was the key to success.

Years ago I had the high temp dilemma though.  You can do several things.
If you have a sump, you could float a frozen water bottle. I have done this
in an emergency only and do not recommend it. It is dangerous because once
it is melted, you have to stick another in so the temps don't start
fluctuating too much.  I have tried the fan blowing across the top of the
water approach.  It works to a degree (no pun intended!) but increases
evaporation.  Chillers work beautifully from what I understand, but are
rather expensive.  There are some interesting ideas in the archives ranging
from running tubing through the side of a dorm refrigerator to having a pipe
run through the basement wall.  As I recall, one individual shifted the
light times and had the tank lights on during the night and not the day. In
terms of recommendations, I would highly suggest something that isn't
constantly having to be manipulated, something will happen and you will
forget or be unable to take care of it one day.

In terms of carpet plants in higher temps, I have had success with 4 leaf
clover and pearl grass.   I adore 4 leaf clover (mine never has more than
one leaf!).  It doesn't seem to care about the light/temp/anything as far as
I can tell.  It even seems to be doing fine in my daughter's 10 gallon with
a single strip.  Both the tanks have flourite but that is only common

Daphne in Hotlanta