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carpet/undercover plants...

hi all,

i've always admired and desired for a carpet like effect for my
aquariums. the
"takashi amano's" tanks only spurs me to achieve such effect.
unfortunately where i'm at (kuala lumpur, malaysia) glossostigma are
hard to come by.

there was a time when by chance a shop had a patch for sale (less than
100grams for about US9.00!!). i tried to grow them with all the
rules...u know,  lights, co2, fertilizers and the like...but no such
luck...i reckon it's my water temperature...it averages around 28
centigrade to maybe even 30 centigrade!!!(approx 81 to 90

my other plants are doing well/ok...

any suggestions in methods of bringing down the water temperature? and
suggestions of carpet plants that are more tolerant of higher

thanx for your time...