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David Whittaker said:

> Two days ago, I set up a 15 gallon tank. As a substrate I decided to try
> using 2.5 inches of washed Profile Professional Clay Soil Conditioner
> sold locally. I understood that this product was nutrient free, and
> assumed that the aquarium  water would  remain neutral. This may have
> been an incorrect assumption, because the pH of the tank water tested
> below 5.0 after 18 hours.

I wish. I am using it in 5 tanks right now. My pH out of the tap is 7.6 and
the hardness is 2. The pH in every tank is 7.6 with a hardness of 2. It has
never changed my water in the slightest bit. Unless it was contaminated
something else is the culprit.


James Foley