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Re: Profile

David Whittaker wrote:

When I noticed the low pH, I quickly added about 25 grams of powdered
dolomite. Presently I'm filtering the water through calcite granules.
The pH is now 6.0. Can anyone explain the low pH? Does the Profile
initially pull the calcium out of solution and replace it with hydrogen
ions? Has anyone else had a similar experience?

I reply:

Last week I set up a 20 gallon tank using Profile from Canadian Tire. I
put 1/2" of peat in the bottom of the tank and 4" of Profile on top.
After reading your message I just checked the pH and there has been no
change at all. My water is almost exactly the same as yours. I know it
doesn't help to explain your pH drop but I thought it was kind of an
intersesting coincidence that we both set up the same sort of thing at
the same time and got such different results. Can't see how iron and
osmocote pellets would affect the pH. Maybe they react together to form
an acid. You are going to have to test the Profile in a separate
container without the additions to see if it will do the same thing