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Re: flat sucker

>Date: Sat, 11 May 2002 23:19:59 +0800
>From: "Wah" <tswah at mbox3_singnet.com.sg>
>Subject: flat sucker.

>I saw this sucker fish in a LFS. It is about the size of a coin. Its entire
>body is a sucker and can stick to the aquarium glass. Looks like a miniature
>sting ray.

Wayne, if you are talking about the fish that has a profile like a keyhole,
I think it's called a Borneo sucker.  Supposedly, they live in streams near
waterfalls where the water is very fast-moving.  In tanks that have aeration,
they will hang around the stream of bubbles coming out from the airstone.

With a sucker mouth, they look like algae eaters but as far as I know, they
don't eat algae.  They usually don't live very long in our tanks as it is
difficult to feed them.  Someone told me that they eat only insects.

In the fish farms, they are kept in tanks where a net has already been laid.
This is because it's almost impossible to pry them from the sides of the
tank without injuring them.

Loh K L